When people hear Office 365, they typically associate it with Word on the go. But Office 365 is more than just a mobile version of Word. It’s a set of cloud-based applications designed to increase productivity and collaboration in your business. The two Microsoft platforms are among the most popular email clients for large and small businesses alike.

Enhanced Mobile Access For Anywhere, Anytime Productivity

Microsoft 365 combines the power of cloud computing with a full suite of mobile apps, making it easier for employees to stay productive while traveling, on site or working remotely. Microsoft 365 apps focus on individual applications (Word, Excel, Teams, etc.)


Cost effective

In addition to email, Microsoft Office 365 comes with many office applications and services that a business could benefit from, all at minimal additional costs.

Applications like Skype, Excel, SharePoint Online, and Outlook PC version are all considered the gold standard for their specific type of business productivity tool. Users in an office setting can benefit from having access to these collaboration tools and Office 365’s high-quality email service.

Intelligent Process Automation

Many enterprises have difficulty when it comes to managing and updating processes. Microsoft 365 and the Power Platform present you with out-of-the-box online forms, workflow management and data storage capabilities that rapidly automate business processes.

High security

When some users think about cloud solution email, they get scared off. However, the Outlook client is considered one of the most secure email solutions a company can use.

Office 365 offers both FISMA and HIPAA credentials to its user base, making it the only platform of its kind to do so.

Employee Experience and Engagement

Based on studies identifying the slowing of productivity and the disruption of workers logging into to many systems, combined with the rapid Increase of Microsoft Teams adoption

Increased Return on Investment

Cloud solutions aren’t new, but with Microsoft 365, you can have one suite that would rule them all. Whether you are a non-profit working towards a one-of-a-kind mission or an organization looking to deliver the best customer experience, Microsoft 365 removes the headache of managing day-to-day minutia.

You’ve Got Questions And We’ve Got Answers

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